Booking InCan drivers try to book-in in advance of 6pm Friday nights.  This allows for the race computer to be setup faster and allow more racing time...

Booking in is strictly on a first booking first come basis. Spaces are limited due to increased numbers in the winter / spring seasons, so please book in as soon as you can.

To book in to race before 6pm on the Friday you wish to race:

1.Before 6pm book in via the online booking system by clicking here (Online Booking System), if possible select pay at club as this saves us the PayPal fees.

2. Send a Text Message to Stephen or Graeme please only use this option if you are unable to book in online.

3.Phone Stephen on 01384 467 892 (No Answer Leave a Message to Book in), please only use this option if you are unable to send a text message.

Members are politely requested to turn up as soon as possible after 6pm to help prepare the track, it allows us to hold more racing per night.

Thankyou :)