Dudley Radio Car Club Rules as of February 2014.

All Clubs and organisations need rules to ensure smooth running and safety for everyone attending, Dudley Radio Car Club is no different. At Dudley we attempt to keep rules at a minimum to allow people to enjoy themselves as freely as possible.  Whether racing or a spectator we insist on the rules being followed. Please take the time to read the following rules of the club.

Parents or guardians of child spectators/racers must ensure these rules are followed by those in their care, and if racing yourself adequate supervision during that time must be available.

Racers or Spectators are not allowed in any other part of the School / Leisure Centre except the area where the racing is taking place other than when visiting the toilet facilities anyone found to be where they should not be, will be expelled from the meeting immediately.

These rules are for the safety of others and therefore there will be no exceptions!

Entry fee on a Friday evening will be £5 per meeting per class entered or £6 if using  a club Transponder.

Visiting Racers (Non-members) will pay an entry fee of £7.50 per meeting per class entered or £8.50 if using a club Transponder.

Visiting Racers who are NOT a member of the B.R.C.A can race a maximum of 3 club nights, at which time you must become a member so that the club and yourself are covered by the B.R.C.A insurance.

Everyone racing uses the track therefore EVERYONE should help with the laying of the track and the packing away.

Spectators incur no charge but any voluntary useful help is always appreciated! Spectators MUST NOT obstruct the view of racers and unless a BRCA member, MUST NOT marshal, enter the track or put themselves in a situation where they could get hurt. We recommend standing at least 1 meter away from the track side.

On the Friday evening:

  • Doors open at 6-00pm.
  • Everyone is expected to help with the setting up the track.
  • Please inform the race director which class you would like to race in when you book in.
  • Please also ensure that you have your radio frequency details to hand.
  • We try to accommodate most electric classes and scales - if in doubt please contact Roy BEFORE attending the meeting.
  • Anyone using School tables and chairs must put them back before leaving in a clean state.
  • 12 Volt batteries must be in a spill proof watertight container.
  • LiPo Batteries used for racing, must be designed for model car racing and encased in a HARD CASE with no bare or damaged connection to cause a possible short.
  • Manufactures safety precautions should be followed when charging LiPo batteries at the club.
  • All rubbish must be placed in the rubbish bins provided.
  • Transponders must be returned immediately after your last race.
  • Drivers should be respectful to Marshals AT ALL TIMES and take up any disputes with the race director.
  • Everyone Racing MUST Marshal the heat after their own whether they have raced or not. Failure to do so could result in you being asked to leave the meeting.
    • To Marshal you must be a member of the B.R.C.A.
    • When Marshalling you must have both hands free and be fully alert to the race.
    • You must Marshal as quickly as possible, but only when it is safe to do so, we know the drivers want their cars back on track as soon as possible, but remember you don’t want to cause further problems / damage from your marshalling and it was not your fault they need to be marshalled.
  • Transmitters (radios/controllers) must never be switched on except during your race or without permission from race control.
  • Everyone is expected to help with the clearing away the track at the end of racing.