The Club was originally started in 1978 and was called T.I.Tower Model Car Club based at T.I.Tower Factory in Womborne until a Club Member Employee found himself another job.We were then told there was no longer anywhere for us to race.It took several weeks before we found a new venue, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Employees Sports & Social Club (Formerly Marsh & Baxter's Employees Social Club). This appeared to be a dream come true , A Club, with a bar, Parents could bring their sons and daughters to race and enjoy themselves at the same time.

There was a condition that we change the car club name to incorporate the word Dudley in it's title, hence the now well known name in racing circles Dudley Radio Car Club.

It was an ideal place to run the club from, having a field and also an assembly room to race indoors during the winter although it was a little on the small side. But with the promise of the use of a piece of ground to build a permanent track which was a rare commodity in those days, This certainly helped the car club gain more members and in no time at all we had more than 100 members and the car club was going from strength to strength. Several good Drivers were now emerging, some of who achieved good results in the not to distance past such as Craig Drescher 12 times European champion, Steve (old dog) Heynes Matt Needham, Jon Howells, Richard Adams. Stuart Stallard with and not forgetting Super Biker Michael Rutter.

More recent members include Richard Meredith, Chris Lake , Kris Heath,Chris Hudson, Tom Yardy, Dan Marson, Charlie Williams, David Belsten and Jon Tucker. During the last 14 years we won the Midland Championships 8 times. We began to realize that someone on the on the social club committee did not like us being there for some unknown reason, and in several ways started making things a little difficult for us , so after 5 years we moved on to Bishop Milner School Dudley, which is now being re-built forcing us to move once again after 16 years.

Our present venue is superb at Coseley School and Leisure center,Ivyhouse Lane, Coseley. There is enough room and hopefully in the not to distant future we will be able to run off road outdoor meetings once again.

In 1986 The Warden of Himley Hall was approached with a view to holding National meetings there. And over the years we have hosted many good meetings including Radio Race Car / Nationals / M.C.C.A Finals F3.F4.F5.Finals / Midland Championships/Regional's / Schumacher Festivals The R.C.P Challenge, Schumacher Finals with 169 Competitors( yes in 1 day), qualifying&Finals.